Information Security

The integrity of you information systems and network is vital to the sustainability of your business. Mollo Tharo offers Auditing, Compliance and Monitoring Services.

Web and App Development

With over 20 years experience in solutions architecture and development, Mollo Tharo delivers high quality value-for-money services.

ICT Infrastructure

We provision reliable and efficient networking appliances and connectivity. From small offices to enterprise scale and service provider network architecture.

Mollo Tharo at a Glance

The Mollo Tharo advantage

Who We Are

As an organization, we are geared to providing project management consulting services in the Information Technology sector. With an eye towards growth in the rapidly changing ICT sector, MOLLO THARO made the decision to expand its strategy from ICT infrastructure to adding more software related services. Cyber security was identified as the growth vehicle for MOLLO THARO; to this end we have engaged with new suppliers and added the internal capabilities to achieve this.

Our Vision

To be the synonym for secure communications..

Our Mission

Provide readily accessible, available and affordable ICT security and managed services for the public good.


We are committed to delivering professional services to our clients through our highly skilled team members. Training is the key to our ability to maintain a standard of service delivery that is consistent throughout all our engagements; MOLLO THARO resources are consistently trained in our methods and the latest skills requirements from our suppliers. At MOLLO THARO we define professionalism as; displaying respect, engaging with courtesy, being diligent, and attention to detail.

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Lori Mohale

Co-Founder and COO

Lori is career administrator and coordinator, with legal training. With over 10 years experience in Office and Projects Management in both the private sector (mining and mineral beneficiation for Gigatype Investments ) and public sector (Gauteng Department of e-Government). Lori is the backbone of Mollo Tharo.

Kgapane Mohale

Co-Founder and Principal Architect

Kgapane has over 20 years experience of information security and solutions architecture. He has previously worked for multi-national corporations like Accenture and Ramco Systems (in Asia and Australia) and as the Director of Information Management and Sytems at the National Department of Communications (South Africa).